Gardair filters guarantee clean, filtered air, free from dust, smog and pollen. In a time when it has become increasingly difficult to enjoy clean air, it is essential to be able to rely on systems that restore air to a state of cleanliness. Gardair produces air filters for air-conditioning devices, fan coils, industrial cooker hoods, painting booths, and air treatment equipment in general. Built to the customer’s specifications in various versions: flat, corrugated, metal and polyurethane, and filter holder frames.

Gardair has a vast catalogue of air filtration elements and accessories: flat and corrugated air filters with galvanised sheet metal, stainless steel and aluminium frame. Gardair filters can be fitted with filter media in various synthetic materials with different efficiencies, in glass fiber and in metal. Air filters can be used in various sectors: air-conditioning, painting booths, professional cooker hoods, the railway sector and industrial extraction systems. Also important in the Gardair production range are its filter holder frames, patented and complete with springs and continuous gaskets.

Key components include the bespoke filter media and antibacterial filters, with honeycomb fabric delivering high performances and high levels of protection, with initial antibacterial action over 99.9%.

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