Room ventilation removes air from and delivers it to interiors, and the air can be filtered if necessary. Gardair offers ventilation fans or complete centrifugal air extraction units (with CE marking) suitable for ever kind of extraction and air handling system in general. Ventilation flows range from 100 m3/h to 33,000 m3/h with specific solutions developed by our Technical Department.

The Gardair assortment of ventilation products comprise directly coupled and belt driven centrifugal fans, boxed air extractors with directly coupled and belt driven fans, and odour filtration units. Boxed extractors can be constructed in various materials, including galvanised sheet metal, stainless steel and aluminium.

Thanks to our experience in filtration and volume control. Gardair is able to equip the unit with filters, grilles, volume control dampers and supply grilles. Gardair also has a full range of directly coupled centrifugal ventilation fans compliant with the ErP 2015 regulation. Key ventilation products include the CADD odour filtration units, comprising G3 prefiltration and F7 filtration with cartridges containing activated carbon granules, which remove odours from the air.

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